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Blackburn syrup began operation in early spring in 1927. This business originated from a tool shed and a $5.00 wash pot that was located in Cass County. The syrup was manufactured and packed into #10 cans. After the proper cooling process, the syrup was delivered by Thomas Jefferson Blackburn, the founder of Blackburn's Syrup, in a Model-T Ford to customers in the immediate area. After two years of hard work, the company moved to its present site in Jefferson, Texas. Due to the addition of the jam, preserves and jelly division in 1972, the company has progressed into a multi-million dollar operation. It has and still remains as one of the largest, privately owned independent syrup factories in the world.


Blackburns® Factory Outlet
18 oz. Mugs (weight 2.5 lbs. each)  
 Apple Jelly $1.59
 Apricot Preserves $1.59
 Blackberry Jelly $1.59
 Grape Jelly $1.59
 Orange Marmalade $1.59
 Peach Preserves $1.59
 Pineapple Preserves $1.59
 Raspberry Preserves $1.59
 Red Plum Jelly $1.59
 Strawberry Preserves $1.59
32 oz. Jars (weight 3 lbs. each)  
 Red Plum Jam $1.99
24 oz. Syrup (weight 2.75 lbs. each)  
 Blackburn Made (Original) $1.59
 Butter Maple $1.59
 Butter Pecan $1.59
 Johnnie Fair Pancake $1.59
 Old Fashioned (no fructose corn syrup)  $1.59
 Waffle $1.59
 Lite Maple $1.59
 12 oz. Syrup  
 Blackburn Sugar-Free Syrup $2.99
 40 oz. Syrup (weight 5.5 lbs. each)  
 Blackburn Made (Original) $2.69
 Fairy Queen (Honey Flavor) $2.69
 Johnnie Fair Blue Ribbon $2.69
 Johnnie Fair Waffle (Maple Flavor) $2.69
 New Crop (Sorghum Flavor) $2.69
 River Brand (Ribbon Cane Flavor) $2.69
  Johnnie Fair 16 oz. Syrup  
 Blue Ribbon (Ribbon Cane Flavor) $1.39
 Waffle (Maple Flavor) $1.39
32 oz. Decanter (weight 4.5 lbs. each)  
 Light Corn Syrup $2.29
 Pancake (Maple Flavor)  $2.29


EFFECTIVE 07/01/2018

Prices subject to change without notice.

Shipping not included.

Minimum order of 6 items required - We do not ship 40 oz. Syrups


Contact Information
108 East Lafayette
Jefferson, Texas 75657

Store Hours
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  Closed for lunch 1-2 p.m.
Closed Sundays
♦ Orders taken
Mon-Wed 11-4 CST ONLY
(800) 657-5073
(903) 665-1128 (local+fax)
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